Welcome to our English Conversation (EC) class where English become fun and easier.

This program is designed to improve students’ English skills, especially for communication. EC is a part of English subject, focused on producing oral communication namely listening and speaking. This is two years continuous program for Padmanaba students (grade X and XI).


Students are to be able to respond and express language function accurately, fluently and understandable for daily life activity.

Students are able to present a factual issue accurately and fluently and to give public speaking confidently.

Students are confidence to communicate to other people around the world with English accurately, fluently and understandable.

To encourage effective and appropriate communication


EC is enjoyable based learning which focused on enjoyable and comfortable learning. This is two years continuous program for Padmanaba students (grade X and XI). It will be divided into four semesters. Each semester will take 4 to 6 months. EC takes 90 minutes per meeting or every week.

The curriculum is based on the National curriculum (now KTSP) and combined with the international curriculum (we take Cambridge). The materials are aimed at active speaking and listening. Those are adapted to our environment and culture of Yogyakarta. The materials are language function like giving opinion, saying thanks, inviting someone, etc; public speaking like presenter, moderator, speaker, etc; and literature like drama, short story and poetry.

The materials are then put into activities of EC. They are games, role play, discussion, literary appreciation, movie, information gap, etc. To run the activity, teacher provides handout and worksheet for every meeting.


For effectiveness, there are two teachers for every class. They are as the facilitators. So, the class is divided into two groups. This small group will change in a certain period. In small groups, students are expected to be more active and teachers are expected to have enough time to assist them.

EC class will have no specific room. It can be outdoor or indoor. It can be in a hall, a canteen, a library, a language laboratory, a yard, tourism objects, public places and every place where students can enjoy their learning activity.


The EC mark will be taken from daily review, homework, mid-test and final test. Those evaluations are in the form of speaking test. It can be interview and performance (role play, drama, telling story, speech, small seminar, etc)

Review will be held when the group finishes one basic competence. The homework or home assignment will be given anytime the students need it. The mid semester test will be held in the middle of semester based on the school calendar. The final semester will be in the end of one semester.

Usually, the mid test and the final test take two weeks because the test will be held one by one or small groups.

To obtain your satisfied mark, you may have remedial teaching and remedial test after the main test if you get a bad result.


That is about our EC program for Padmanaba students. You may give your comment and suggestion for us. Enjoy our EC



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