Subject           : ENGLISH CONVERSATION

Grade             : XI Acceleration

Deadline        : Monday, 2 November 2009

Time               : 12.00 WIB

Place              : AVA Room


a)      Stating position of something

b)      Expressing love

c)      Expressing sadness

d)      Expressing embarrassment

e)      Expressing anger

f)        Expressing annoyance

g)      Telling spoof

h)      Electronic media advertisement

i)        Public Speaking

j)        Performing speech

k)      Literary Appreciation


  • Students are to create TV programs (the name of the program, the duration, the setting, and the concept of the program)
  • Students are to perform the program individually, pairs, small or big groups.
  • Two ways presenting the TV programs:

1)      Live performance; students perform in front of the class. It will be on Saturday,31 October 2009 after the test (around 11 am)

2)      Recording; students may record anywhere and submit the copy (VCD) on the day of the English test to the EC teachers. The deadline for the submission date will be on Monday, 2 November 2009.

  • The score of the performance will be individual and group that covers:
  • The relevance of the program to be the TV program
  • Fluency and accuracy
  • Word choice (diction) and sentence structure
  • Discourse Management
  • Interactive Communication

Shoul u have questions, contact ur EC teachers,..


Yogyakarta, October  2009

Warmest regards,

EC teachers

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