Here some expressions in reading news:

1) Greeting

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, etc

2) Introducing the program, the news reader and the duration

For the next 5 minutes, you’re watching Today’s Headline with me, Angela.

I’m Bryan and you’re watching News Flash.

3) Reading the headlines

Here is the headline for today

The today’s highlights are …

4) Starting the news

Let me begin with…

5) Reading news

6) Giving turn

Handy, your report please…

7) Commercial break

The Today’s News will continue after the break.

Coming up next…

8) Returning after commercial break

Welcome back on…

You are still with me on…


Some expression in reporting an event or interviewing someone as the source of the news: (it starts after the news presenter gives turn to the reporter (number. 6 above)

a) Taking turn

Thank you, /okay / All right, …

b) Telling the event and place

I’m reporting from … / I’m in…to report …

c) Interviewing

  1. Greeting
  2. Introducing name and program:  I’m Randy from Breaking News TOP TV
  3. Questioning: First question, Then…, the last.., Final question,…
  4. Thanking: Thank you/Thank you for the time…
  5. Parting: Have a nice day,
  6. Giving back turn: Back to you, Fanny (name of the news reader)

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