Basic Competency:

Students are able to tell procedures/give instruction



Verbs: fold, open, cut, pour, mix, glue, touch, fill, etc

Number: one, two, three, four, first, fourth, second,

Conjunction: then, and, next, first, finally, etc



Warming up: Singing

  • Teacher gives instruction to the students to do simple things.

For example: Clap your hands, Touch your nose, Turn around

  • Students do the instruction
  • Use the instruction as a lyric of a song.
  • Sing it together


Picture Dictation 1

  • Teacher draws rectangle, circle, etc on the board and elicits vocabulary that they will need to know for the activity for example in the middle, in front of, in the top hand corner of the piece of the paper, etc.
  • Teacher tells the student that they will have picture dictation.
  • Students are to draw the picture while listening to the teacher’s instruction


Picture Dictation 2

  • The rules are the same as the picture dictation 1
  • Divide the class into groups of four or five
  • Ask them to draw a sketch, but forbid them to show to their friends
  • Call one student of each group to came in front and give instruction the their friends in their groups
  • The members of the groups are to draw the picture as the instruction


Toys Contest

  • Students are to work in pairs
  • Students are to prepare to have presentation about how to make my favorite toys(choose different theme for each class)
  • Students are to prepare the aim, the materials/instrument/tools and the steps
  • Students present their work in front of their class

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