Announcement is aimed at giving information to certain people, usually about what happening or what will happen. The most common announcement are at the public places like airport, school, mall, cinema, etc.

Here are the stages for giving the announcement:

  1. Opening
    • Greeting or Asking attention

Good morning/afternoon/evening/; attention, please..; this is an announcement.

  • Addressing (to whom the announcement is)

Dear participants …; To all students …; Announcement for all passengers …; Should Mrs. Lim;

2.   Giving announcement (usually instruct someone to do something)

Be clear, in details, simple and effective sentence/no repetition;

For example:

  • We’re about to landing preparation. Please fasten your seatbelt.
  • Should Mr. Harris here, come to the information desk.
  • Come to the second floor. Big sale for all men’s wear

3. Closing (indicate that you end the announcement or finish)

Thank you. (the most common closing expression)

Enjoy your flight. etc




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