Adverb is used to explain verb, adjectives and adverb to indicate time, place, degree, and frequency, manner, etc.

Adverb of Time

Is usually used to answer the questions of ‘when’, ‘how long’, how many times, etc. Adverbs of time are normally placed at the end of a clause or sentence. It expresses when something happens.

  • Present : now, nowadays, today, at present, at the time
  • Past      : ago, already, before, last, yesterday, etc.
  • Future  : tonight, tomorrow, next, soon, etc
  • Duration: still, continuously, while, etc

Adverb of Place

Adverb of place is usually used to answer questions of ‘where’, ‘in what direction’, from what condition’, etc. It is normally placed after the direct object or the verbs they qualify. It expresses where something happens.

  • Where  : here, there, above, below, upstairs, at school, etc.
  • Motion: forward, toward, upward

Adverbs of frequency are placed just before the main verb. It expresses how often something happened.

Adverbs of manner are normally placed after the direct object or follow the verb. It shows something happens or is done.

The order of adverbs: frequency – manner – place – time





Rearrange the words below into good and correct sentences.

  1. I – early- everyday – wake up – always – morning.
  2. We – Math- have- test – next week – will – at 9 o’clock.
  3. Would – to – you – my- on Sunday – birthday- at 7 pm – to – party – like – tomorrow – come ?
  4. The – are – to – students – for – going – Singapore – two weeks – on  Friday.
  5. My – never – gift – my – me – give – father – forgets – a – to – on – birthday
  6. I – my – opened – notebook – last night – new – carefully.
  7. The – works – to – event – every night – committee – always – hard – prepare – the – next week.


Put the given adverbs in their correct places.

1)      I say my sister off (at 7 o’clock, at the hospital, this afternoon)

2)      I shall meet you (outside the office, today, at 3 o’clock)

3)      We are going (for a month, to Surabaya, on Monday)

4)      He played piano (at the TM, last night, beautifully, in the concert)

5)      My brother was working (at his office, very hard, all day yesterday)

6)      The train arrived (this evening, late)

7)      My youngest brother was born (in the year of 1990, at 11 am, on May 14th)

8)      He plays (well, in a badminton game, always)

9)      Our family doctor examined my mother (in the hospital, very carefully, this morning)

10)  We eat (usually, when we go to the theater, outside)



Develop these sentences with adverbs of manner, time and place.

  1. The cat caught a mouse.
  2. The girl is carrying a box of ball.
  3. The students are screaming.
  4. The man run.
  5. My sister is performing Javanese dance.
  6. The bird flew.
  7. The policeman stopped the bus.
  8. The school bus moves to pick the students up.

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