NOUN: Countable and Uncountable

Uncountable nouns are things we can’t count. They have no plural.
For example: gold, music, blood, excitements
Before uncountable noun, you can use the/some/any/much/this, etc. You can’t use a/an before an uncountable noun
For example: the music; some gold; much excitement

Countable nouns are things we can count. We can make them plural. For example: dog, umbrella, two jobs, six girls, many suggestion, etc
Before singular countable nouns you can use a/an

  • That’s a good suggestion
  • Do you need an umbrella?

You can’t use singular countable noun alone

  • I’m looking for a job. (not I’m looking for job.)

We can use some with plural countable nouns. (some = a number of/a few of) but we don’t know exactly how many.

  • I’ve seen some good films recently.
  • Some friends of mine are coming to stay at the weekend.



Which of the underlined parts of these sentences is right?

1) Margaret has got very long black hair/hairs.
2) Bad news don’t/doesn’t make people happy.
3) Sorry I’m late. I had trouble/troubles with the car this morning.
4) I had bought a/some bread because I wanted to make sandwiches.
5) It’s very difficult to find a work/job at the moment.

Choose the correct answer for the following questions.
1) Would you like to be … actor?
(A) a (B) an (C) the (D) some (E) any

2) Tom always gives Ann … flowers on her birthday.
(A) a (B) an (C) some (D) any (E) the

3) When we reached the city centre … shops were still open but most of them were already closed.
(A) an (B) the (C) none (D) a (E) some

4) What … beautiful garden.
(A) some (B) a (C) an (D) the (E) none

5) You need … visa to visit …foreign countries, but not all of them.
(A) a – the (B) an – the (C) a – some (D) an- some (E) the- some

6) Have you got …camera?
(A) the (B) some (C) a (D) an (E) much

7) … child run across … street.
(A) a – the (B) a – an (C) an – the (D) the- some (E) some- a

8) You must give him … food and … cup of coffee.
(A) some – an (B) an- the (C) some-a (D) a – the (E) a – the

9) … student at … back of … class is reading … newspaper.
(A) a-the-a (B) some-the-a (C) the-the-a (D) a-the-the (E) some-the-a

10) …postman has just put … letter under … door.
(A) a-the-the (B) an-the-a (C) the-a-the (D) a-some-the (E) the-the-the


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