They are to express events in chronological order, to illustrate the sequence of a story

In the beginning

In the middle

In the end

  • In the beginning
  • At first
  • At the start
  • First of all
  • Next
  • After that
  • Then
  • Second, third, etc
  • Following
  • Subsequently
  • Afterwards
  • Meanwhile
  • Eventually,
  • At last,
  • In conclusion,
  • Finally,
  • To sum up,
  • As has been noted,

To illustrate time relationships (how are event relates to another in terms of time) you can use

ü      At the same time

ü      During

ü      When, while, as

ü      As soon as

ü      Before

ü      Until


In giving instruction or direction we may use the sequence markers or connectors such as:

ü      First, go down this street

ü      Next, turn left and go

ü      Then look for the shop

ü      After that, go up the little street

ü      Finally, cross the bridge



Put the correct conjunctions and time connectives for the following paragraphs.



(1) ……………., in he deserts of Central Australia, there was a poor hungry goanna.

He had crawled all over the country and couldn’t find anything to eat. Tears rolled from his eyes as he lay under a rock, thinking he must surely die.

Just (2)……. he saw Perentie with an egg. “Perentie, my friend’, Goanna said, “will you share your egg with me, or will I surely die?”

“No”, said the selfish Perentie, “there is not enough for two.”

About an hour (3)……, Goanna saw Blue Tongue Lizard with a big juicy insect. “Blue Tongue, my friend”, Goanna said, ”will you share your food with m, or will I surely die?”

“Sure”, said the kind Blue Tongue. ”Here you are. I’ll do you a good turn. (4) ….., I might need your help.”



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