Teaching learning activity should be set to support the process, students are sometimes put into groups and seating should be rearranged based on needs. Students often do practice with supervision from the teachers. Being strict is sometimes a must. To control the class, here are some useful expressions:

• Be quiet.
• Everyone listen.
• Not another word please.
• Don’t talk.
• Stop
• Silence, please
• Get on with our work quietly.
• Not so much noise please.
• Listen to what I’m saying.
• Stop talking now
• We need to be quieter to hear what everybody is saying.

• Try to concentrate now.
• Pay attention now.
• Look this way/over here.
• Could I have your attention, please?
• I’m sorry to interrupt, but could you look this way for a moment?
• Eyes to the front please

• Don’t move
• Nobody move
• Turn round and face me/the front
• Sit down
• Stay in your seat
• Sit still
• Stay where you are
• Everybody up
• Sit down over there
• Please stand up

• Stop doing that
• Cut it out
• Throw the ball
• Hands off
• Leave it where it is
• It’s fine where it is
• Give it a rest
• No more of that
• Shall we try to behave like a normal human being for a change?


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