Here’s How:

  1. Read the text through trying to understanding the general meaning.
  2. Look at each missing word gap and try to imagine the correct should be.
  3. Decide which part of speech (adjective, noun, gerund, etc.) needs to be used to fill each gap.
  4. Read the text again, trying to fill gap as you come to it by imagining what the correct answer should be.
  5. Read the text another time, this time choose the correct answer from the four (sometimes three) answers given.
  6. If you are unsure of any given answer, try reading the sentence with each of the four possibilities.
  7. Try to eliminate two of the obvious false answers (usually two relatively false answers are given) When stuck between two answers, go with the one that sounds right.


  1. Do not stop to answer questions on your first reading.
  2. Always think about the overall meaning of the text (i.e., whether the text is negative, positive, etc.) to make sure that your answer choice fits the context.
  3. Trust your intuition. If you feel a word is right instinctively, it probably is correct.

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