A teacher has a number alternatives ways of controlling the behaviour of pupils. Perhaps the most important of these are commands, requests and suggestions.

    • Open the window
    • Close the book
    • Don’t write this down
    • Don’t look at the answer
    • You boys, listen now.
    • Come on, everybody
    • Alice, you try …
    • Just sit down and be quite. (annoyance and frustration)
    • Just put that book away
    • If you don’t be quite, you can…
    • Don’t you talk, you to girls
    • I want you to finish this off at home.
    • I would like you to try exercise 13 A.
    • I prefer you to use your own words.
    • I expect you to prepare down t page 31.
    • You will have to write this out again.
    • You must have this finished by Monday.
    • You should write your name at the top.
    • You are to work in groups of four.
    • You are not to talk.
  • Number 1. Yes. Katie, please.
  • Would you like to write your answer on the board?
  • D you want to try the next one?
  • Would anybody like to be the narrator?
  • Could you share with Anne today?
  • Would you prepare chapter 10?
  • Could you please try question 5 at home?
  • Would you come out to the front please.
  • Clean the bard, would you?
  • Try it again, will you?
  • Do you think you could write this out a home?
  • I wonder if you could say it in your own words.
  • Would you mind performing today?
  • Do you mind repeating what you said?
  • I wish you would listen!
  • Can’t you even try?
  • If only you would try.

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