Teachers often make students move. During specific class activities students are required to do something movement. Therefore, teachers have a lot of commands for general class settings:


  • Come inside
  • Go out
  • Stand by your desk
  • Take your seat
  • Go and stand by the window.
  • Pick your book up off the floor
  • Back to your place
  • Take this to…
  • Give this to…
  • Put your hands up/down
  • Put your hands up if you know the answer
  • Keep it up
  • I keep seeing the same hands all the time
  • All those who got it right, put your hands up
  • Put your bag away
  • Put your book in your bag/on your desk
  • Put your seats in groups of four
  • Could you give … a hand with …?
  • Put your seat where they were
  • Stand still
  • Don’t move
  • Settle down, all of you
  • Take your feet off the desk
  • Sit down


  • It’s hot in here. Could you open the window please?
  • It’s too dark in here
  • Could you open the door a little bit?
  • Let’s have the door open a little bit.
  • Would you turn the lights on?
  • That’s much better
  • Could somebody clean the board before we start?
  • It looks a bit crowded back there
  • I could not find any chalks
  • Does anyone know where the eraser is?
  • The desk is a bit dusty

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