PRACTICE TEST 1: Soal Latihan UAS Kelas X Sem.1



In 1769 King George III of England instructed Cook to sail to Tahiti to measure the transit of Venus, but also to secretly look after the Great South Land. After leaving Tahiti, Cook began his search for it but at first he couldn’t find it.

Later on the way back to England, he sailed west because he wanted to go to Van Dieman’s Land but a gale blew his ship, Endeavour, north. His second-in-command, Lieutenant Hicks, was the first to see the mainland of the Great South Land on 13 April 1770.

After sailing up the coast for nine days, Cook and his crew needed fresh water so they anchored in a bay. Here they saw two Aboriginal men who resisted their landing. The Aboriginal men shouted loudly and shook their spears. However, Cook took no notice and landed. The Aboriginal men again threatened Cook who fired a musket and hit one of them. Then the Aboriginal men ran into the bush.

Cook then named the bay Stingray Harbour. Today this bay is called Botany bay.

  1. What is the purpose of the text?

(A)   to explain how to find something

(B)   to tell the past experience/history

(C)  to discuss about something

(D)  to give report of someone’s trip

(E)   to tell how to do something

2. What is the type of the text?

(A)   narrative

(B)   anecdote

(C)  recount

(D)  spoof

(E)   report

3. Which one of the following is TRUE about the Aboriginal men?

(A)   they welcomed Cook and his crew

(B)   they gave the spears to Cook and his crew

(C)  they killed one of the crew

(D)  they ran into the bushes

(E)   they fired a musket

4. What was Cook found?

(A)   Tahiti

(B)   The Great South Land

(C)  Van Dieman’s Land

(D)  England

(E)   Stingray Harbour

5. …fired a musket and hit one of them… (paragraph 3). The word ‘them’ refers to …

(A)   the crew

(B)   the Aboriginal men

(C)  the lands

(D)  the spears

(E)   musket


Cinderella lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters, who were jealous of her and treated her very badly. She had to spend all day, every day doing work around the house.

One day an invitation arrived from the prince, who was having a ball. Cinderella had to help her stepmother and stepsisters make beautiful dresses for the ball, and on the night they went off and left the poor girl alone.

She was very sad, but suddenly her Fairy Godmother appeared and turned Cinderella’s old clothes into a beautiful gown. She turned a pumpkin into a golden coach and some mice into lovely black horses and a rat into a coachman. So Cinderella went to the ball, but her Fairy Godmother warned her that she had to leave the ball by midnight.

When the prince saw Cinderella he thought she was so beautiful that he danced with her all evening. Suddenly the clock began to strike twelve, and Cinderella remembered what her Fairy Godmother had told her. She ran out of the palace and was in such a hurry that one of her glass slippers came off as she was racing down the stairs.

The prince found the slipper and ordered his servants to go out into his kingdom and make every girl try the slipper on until they found its owner. Eventually they arrived at Cinderella’s house and discovered that the slipper fitted her.

They took her back to the palace and she married the prince and they lived happily ever after.

  1. What is the story about?

(A)   stepmother and stepsisters

(B)   the Prince and slipper

(C)  Beautiful dress

(D)  Cinderella

(E)   The Fairy Godmother

2. What was the fairy Godmother warning to Cinderella?

(A)   She had to work around the house

(B)   She had to make a beautiful gown

(C)  She had to leave the ball by midnight

(D)  She had to dance with the Prince

(E)   She had to run out of the palace

3. The followings were changed by the Fairy Godmother, except …

(A)   a pumpkin into a golden coach

(B)   some mice into lovely black horses

(C)  a rat into a coachman

(D)  old clothes into a beautiful gown

(E)   a bowl into glass slippers

4. ‘Eventually they arrived at Cinderella’s …’ The word ‘they’ (paragraph 5) refers to …

(A)   the girls

(B)   the servants

(C)  the princes

(D)  stepmother and stepsisters

(E)   the slippers

5. How did Cinderella meet the Prince at the first time?

(A)   they danced in the ball

(B)   they bought the slippers

(C)  they met the Fairy Godmother

(D)  they ran out of the palace

(E)   they discovered the slippers


(11) … most people know that the success of a television show is measured by its ratings, few know exactly how shows rated. First, a rating company (12) … meters in a few thousand representative homes in a particular are (13) … the television set in one of these homes is turned on, the meter records the day, time, and the channel. The meter then (14) … sends this information to the ratings company headquarters. A computer at the headquarters tallies all of the information from all the homes in the area (15) … , the computers print a rating sheet that shows how many homes watch each show and which shows are the most popular.

  1. (A) Although

(B) However

(C) Since

(D) Nevertheless

(E) Because

2. (A) induces

(B) installs

(C) introspects

(D) invites

(E) interprets

3. (A) Thus

(B) Until

(C) When

(D) unless

(E) Since

  1. A) electronic

(B) electrical

(C) electricity

(D) electronically

(E) electronical

5. (A) Finally

(B) Eventually

(C) Subsequently

(D) recently

(E) Gradually


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