Read the following text to answer the questions that follow.


Classification: A desert is a region of the world with very little rainfall. Desert regions can be hot or cold. Some deserts are covered with sand, rocks or stone.

Climate conditions: In desert regions it might only rain once a year and when it rains it is very heavy and the water does not sink into the ground but runs off. Some deserts do not get a lot of rain because nearby mountain ranges. The winds blow in from the sea bringing clouds. The winds rise and cross the mountains and the clouds are cooled. When the clouds cool it rains in the mountains, therefore there is no rain left for the other side of the mountains and this dry area becomes a desert.

Plant Life: Plants that grow in desert regions have adapted to live without much water. Some plants, like the desert poppy, flower only after it has rained and then soon die, leaving behind seeds which will grow when it rains again. Other plants, like the cactus, store water in their leaves or stems. After a storm, the cactus soaks up water through its giant roots and stores it in its thick, fleshy stem. The cactus uses the stored water to grow bigger.

Animal Life: Animals have also adapted to desert regions. Some animals sleep under rocks all day to keep out of the hot sun. Some animals in the desert, like the camel, can close their nostrils as well as their eyes to keep sand out during sandstorms. Desert animals have tough skin over their lips. They have strong teeth and can eat the spiny, prickly pants of the desert. Common desert animals are lizards, snakes, and birds.

People of the desert: People have also adapted to life in the desert. Towns and cities have been built along the banks of rivers so there is always a source of water. In some parts, people live a nomadic lifestyle where they travel around looking for water. They dress to protect themselves from the wind, heat and sand.

1. What is the purpose of the text?

(A)    to tell a past event

(B)    to describe someone’s appearance

(C)   to present information about something

(D)   to explain the process

(E)    to discuss about something

2. What is the type of the text?

(A)    exposition

(B)    explanation

(C)   discussion

(D)   report

(E)    recount

3. What are NOT described according the text above?

(A)    conditions of climate in the desert

(B)    many kind of plants in desert

(C)   conditions of water in desert

(D)   animals in desert

(E)    people of the desert

4. Which of the followings is NOT true according to the text?

(A)    it might only rain once a year

(B)    all plants flower only after it has rained

(C)   desert animals have tough skin over their lips

(D)   people already adapted to life in the desert

(E)    some deserts are covered with sand, rocks or stone

5. What kinds of plants and animals are mentioned in the text?

(A)    cactus, roses, snakes, birds

(B)    cactus, white lily, snakes, birds

(C)   cactus, poppy, lizards, birds

(D)   cactus, jasmine, snakes, lizards

(E)    cactus, orchid, snakes, birds


Once upon a time a King and Queen had a beautiful daughter, and held a big party to celebrate. They invited all the fairies in the land to come to the party, but they forgot to invite one old fairy.

On the day of the party all the fairies granted the princess wonderful wishes, except the old fairy, who had come even though she didn’t have an invitation. She cast a spell on the princess, saying that when the baby grew into a young lady, she would prick her finger and die of the wound. Luckily, all the other fairies got together and changed the terrible spell, so that instead of dying, the princess would fall asleep for a hundred years when she pricked her finger, and then be awoken by the kiss of a prince.

The King and Queen tried to make sure that there was nothing sharp in the palace, but one day when she had grown up she found a needle and pricked her finger. She immediately fell into a deep sleep. The fairies then cast another spell, which made all of the people in the palace except the King and Queen also sleep for a hundred years, until the princess awoke.

So a hundred years passed by and then one day a prince was riding his horse when he came across the palace. Going in he discovered everyone asleep. When he saw the princess he knelt down and kissed her, and she immediately woke up, as did all of her servants. They were married and lived happily ever after.

  1. What is the purpose of the text?

(A)    to describe the palace, king and queen

(B)    to entertain the readers

(C)   to present the information

(D)   to explain the life of princess

(E)    to tell a past event

2. Where were the story happened?

(A)    in the palace

(B)    in a house

(C)   in the river

(D)   in a forest

(E)    in a party club

3. Who are NOT the characters in the story?

(A)    King and Queen

(B)    Prince and princess

(C)   Fairies and baby

(D)   Old fairy and her husband

(E)    Fairies and servants

4. How did the complication start?

(A)    the Princess fell asleep for hundred years

(B)    the King and Queen forgot to invite the old fairy

(C)   the King and Queen had beautiful daughter

(D)   the Prince knelt and kissed the princess

(E)    he Prince and Princess married

5. How is the end of the story?

(A)    the princess was killed

(B)    the prince fell asleep

(C)   the prince and princess married

(D)   the prince and princess escaped from the palace

(E)    the prince didn’t come to the princess


Drugs should not be legalized. They must not be legalized (11) … they cause disease and death, they make people do terrible things and above all drugs are harmful to a person’s health.

Firstly, drugs cause lots of diseases. When people share syringes, they (12) … with hepatitis and AIDS. By taking drugs you increase your chances of becoming a statistic. Many people will die.

Secondly, drugs make people do terrible things. For example, when people take drugs, they will rob and commit other (13) … in order to get more drugs. They do terrible things and may even kill someone if they are desperate enough.

Finally drugs are harmful to the people (14) … use them. When people take drugs, they get used to them and become addicted.

So I believe that drugs should not be legalized. (15) …, everyone cold take drugs and everyone could become a statistic. Drugs cause disease and death and make people do terrible things.

11. (A) although

(B) but

(C) because

(D) and

(E) when

12. (A) can be infected

(B) can infect

(C) can be infecting

(D) infected

(E) infecting

13 (A) criminal

(B) crimes

(C) criminality

(D) criminally

(E) a crime

14. (A) whose

(B) whom

(C) who

(D) which

(E) when

15. (A) although

(B) eventhough

(C) nevertheless

(D) otherwise

(E) in addition


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