Dua puluh delapan tahun lalu ketika bliau dengan susah payah dan derita melahirkanku..pasti bliau sungguh berharap aku menjadi anak yg impian orang tua..baik..berbakti..sukses..sholehah..sehat dan semua harapan tertuju pada siapapun bayi lahir…Kondisi apapun yg terjadi saat itu…Hari demi hari yg sulit jg pasti dilewati untuk mendidikku menjadi anak sesuai harapan..makan..pakaian..pendidikan..kesehatan..agama..semua dilakukan dgn mempertruhkan nyawa bahkan..hingga aku besar..dan bisa mencari penghidupan sendiri..dan merasakan bagaimana aku menjadi IBUjg dgn melahirkan anakku..

Mother, how are you today?
Here is a note from your daughter.
With me everything is ok.
Mother, how are you today?

Mother, don’t worry, I’m fine.
Promise to see you this summer.
This time there will be no delay.
Mother, how are you today?

I found the man of my dreams.
Next time you will get to know him.
Many things happened while I was away.
Mother, how are you today?

Tears drop whenever i remember the day i was with her, even the hardest day ever..and remember the days she struggled for life..for our life..no surrender..never give up…a portrait of a real woman..

Just last week i met her and gave her a gift by travelling on air by plane…Happy to see her old face..Remember the days when I was with her…No days without her smile and patient..No warm nights without her arms..

Long time ago when i got trouble, had none to share..she is my home..always..til i married and become a mom for my son..and ail learn the way to be a good mom..

Just now..if i had more time to see her again..i wanna hug her so tight  while whispering the three magic words: I LOVE U..that i can show my love to her..much more than to others…No more words to let u all know about my mom coz she is so precious..wonderful..and hope u are also loving and remembering your mom now.


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