Teachers need to encourage students when they try to do some assignments. It doesn’t matter if the students do right or wrong, but encouragement and appraisal should be properly said by the teachers. The most common way to praise and show approval is by saying ‘Good’ or ‘Hm-hm’, for variation as follow are suggested:


  • Right
  • Quite right
  • Fine
  • Very good
  • That’s terrific
  • I like that
  • That’s nice
  • You did a very good job of that


  • Not really
  • Unfortunately not
  • I’m afraid that’s not quite right
  • You can’t stay that, I’m afraid
  • Good try but not quite right


  • It depends
  • It might be, I suppose
  • Sort of, yes

The expressions should not only be used after the students have finished doing a task, but also because they have done what the teacher instructed them. Students will work more enthusiastically with teachers’ encouragement and compliment


  • That’s more like it
  • That’s much/a lot better
  • You’ve improved a little


  • Have another try
  • Not quite right. Try again
  • Almost right
  • Not exactly
  • You’re half way there
  • You’ve almost got it
  • You’re on the right track
  • Take it easy
  • Go on. Have a try


  • You still have some trouble with …
  • … is difficult for you
  • You need more practice with …
  • You’ll have to spend more time practicing …

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