Many teenagers love listening to the radio. They choose different radio program as their favorite. Some programs are talk show, music chart, news, interactive quiz, music request, and others include radio advertisement.

Do you know, it is not easy to be someone behind the microphone or called radio announcer, who present the radio program by managing each minutes of materials and combining all content into one interesting program.

To be a radio announcer, one must have been talkative, well-informed, open-minded, communicative, interactive, and has good voice (one most important part because people listen to his/her voice, not look at his/her appearance). Different voice may be suitable for different listeners, whether teenagers, family, kids, etc and also different programs.

In general here are stages in presenting radio program (taken from Interlanguage: English for High School Students Grade XI)

Stages in Presenting a Radio Programme

1.  Opening

a. Greeting:   Good morning, good afternoon, good evening,

Hello, what’s up, guys? etc.

b. Welcoming:   Welcome to … (the programme) from Radio … (the name and frequency).

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to … (name of the programme), etc.

2.  Introducing the programme, the duration, and the host:

I’m your host, (name of the host).

I’m (name of the host), will be your host for about … (minutes/hour).

3.  Introducing and welcoming the guest:

We have a very special guest in the studio. He is…

We are going to have a dialogue with …, our guest for today’s programme.

Welcome to the show/programme.

4.  Inviting listeners’ participation:

You are invited to join us and participate by dialling… (phone number).

We are awaiting your participation by dialling… (phone number). You may request a song or ask some questions to the guest.

5.  Commercial break or break for songs:

The … (the programme) will return after the song/break and don’t go anywhere.

Let’s check this song out and stay tune for more.

Stick around and enjoy the next song.

6.  Returning after the break:

Welcome back to the show.

7.  Starting the dialogue:

We are going to start the dialogue with…

Let’s start the dialogue.

8.  Question and answer session:

What’s your current activities…, What do you think of…, What about…,

Why do you think that…, etc.

9.  Answering a call:

Hello/Good morning, who’s speaking?

Your question, please.

What song would you like to request?

10. Closing:   It’s time to wrap the show/programme. That’s it for this week.

11. Thanking:   (for the guest)Thank you so much for coming. It’s nice to meet you.

(for the listeners) Thank you for your attention, guys.

12. Parting:   Good bye, bye-bye, see you again in the next programme, see you soon, etc.


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