Are you a good teacher? How can you know? Sometimes, feeling good comes into a monotonous teaching learning activities and it will affect your students. Here are some indicators, taken from everywhere, of a good teacher. Do you already have ,at least, one of those characteristics? Check the following:

A good teacher…

  • Keeps in contact with the parents of his or her pupils and lets them participate in the life of the school (in a primary or secondary school)
  • Is able to maintain discipline and order
  • Lets the students share his or her own life with all its ups and downs
  • Works hard to remind up-to-date in his or her object
  • Openly admits when he or she has made a mistake or does not know something
  • Is friendly and helpful to his or her colleagues and students
  • Uses a lot of different materials, equipment and teaching methods and attempts to make his or her lesson interesting
  • Helps the students become independent and organize their own learning

Do you have other characteristics to add here? Let’s make more…and do realize that being a teacher is sometimes hard but precious. J


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