Thank God I got a chance to visit school around Jabodetabek from kindergarten to High school, both public and private school, both national and international school. I, then, got findings about many things related to school: curriculum, school facilities, students’ activities, school programs and of course, teachers!

Here I only want to talk about new teachers, because usually new academic year, schools recruit many new teachers both part-time and full-time. To make it simpler, I want to share about the real new teachers, like who just started to be a teacher.

To the reality, I found some findings that make me really upset. Some teachers are still:

  • Not competent yet, not well-understanding of their major
  • Not well-dressed (some)
  • Not really well-prepared about their teaching activities, for the materials, method, and media
  • Not really well-updated about general knowledge and information supporting to teaching learning materials

From what I imagine, a new teacher should be (Recommendation for new teachers):

  • A young, good looking and pleasant personality
  • Smart, Creative, innovative and high initiative
  • Highly motivated
  • Energetic, charming and helpful
  • Excellent knowledge of his/her major
  • Having excellent communication ad presentation skill
  • Eager to always learn and learn
  • Good administration skill (especially for class dynamic, class record, and students progress, include daily activity report)
  • Good teaching knowledge
  • Excellent preparation for teaching: lesson plan, media, materials and activities
  • Being friendly to students
  • Updating latest information about everything especially to education and world changing

In general, I imagine that new teachers are well-informed, well- prepared, well-dressed, well-updated, and well-do of course…

  • Make a good relationship to the principal, other teachers, school staff, and students
  • Learn the school environment
  • Try not to much talking and commenting everything, but still giving your idea and opinion even suggestion as needed

So, welcome to new world ,dear new teachers! It will make u look younger,,…forever young… 🙂



  1. iya ik, berarti deket dung skrg kita, aku dah setahun di tangerang.
    webnya udah bagus kok, diterusin ya biar aku ada bahan bacaan 🙂

    • O ya?? Di mana tangerang nya? Sukses yaaa…slmt brgabung di ekamas jabodetabek…slalu ada agenda kumpul2 lho… Makasih,..iseng2 aja nulis….still need feedback… 🙂
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Sinyal Bagus XL, Nyambung Teruuusss…!

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