It’s almost a year I didn’t teach at a certain school. I spent my days teaching private english class, training the English trainers, developing english courses, and starting small business. I visited schools only about once or twice a month. I moved from one region to others around Jakarta.
I’m missing my days at school now. I’m missing my ‘crazy’ english class. I am missing my students. I’m missing my insomnia for finding ideas of teaching in the morning. I am missing the time for evaluating my students’ progress. I’m missing my nights working on teaching learning stuffs. It’s just like I loose my soul. It feels like a broken heart.
Well, I’m still designing materials. I’m still teaching English. I’m still working with other teachers and sharing on how to teach and manage the class. I am still updating myself on the issues of education and teaching. Until I realized I am making my slow movement on self-improvement. Later I know, it will kill me softly. It’s called a ‘comfort zone’ when I think it’s enough for making me settle with the money I get, friends I make and knowledge I share. It’s totally wrong!!
A mixture of business and education for me is a dilemma. It’s about idealism, about satisfaction, more than just career and money. Ok then, let say I started my small business in English course. I am still putting my idealism on this business but not more than couple of people understand about what I am thinking of. Business is business. Education is education! Never make them a priority of each,except education is the top. Idealism vs reality then!
Not talking too much, I decided to go ‘home’. Returning back to my passion, I am starting my own way to dedicate my life for teaching. I have to admit that my passion is for education. I always feel regret of my ‘ordinary’ teaching. Then finally, I quit from my all activities, except teaching!
Thank God for guiding me to this place, a home, where my heart is…


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