Already familiar with TOEFL? Are you going to teach TOEFL preparation for test-takers? Still have no idea of what to prepare for teaching TOEFL preparation? If you are going to help the test-takers be aware of the test items and all about TOEFL, you have to learn about steps of giving them a clear explanation on it. Here are some guidelines and points for English teacher who are going to teach their students a TOEFL preparation, a kind of training before test, especially foe those who are still new to “the TOEFL world”:

    • What TOEFL is
    • The aim of taking TOEFL test
    • Skills of TOEFL test and their parts
    • TOEFL test items
    • How to score
    • Have already taken the TOEFL test
    • Minimum TOEFL score
    • Have a good knowledge of TOEFL test
    • Have an excellent proficiency both oral and written in all skills
    • Have a broad knowledge of TOEFL theme: American history, art and culture, science and technology, etc
    • Acquire TOEFL vocabulary and sentence structure
    • Analysis competency of English sentence (semantic and syntax)
    • Have a good knowledge and experience of teaching English (TOEFL)
    • Good classroom management
    • Eager to improve self-ability
    • Preparing all tools for teaching

ü       Students’ attendance list

ü       Lesson plan

ü       Hand out for students and teachers

ü       Supporting media for teaching TOEFL

ü       Test item sample

ü       Daily teaching activity report

    • Do prepare and understand the skills

ü       Listening Comprehension (Short Conversation; longer Conversation; Talks)

ü       Structure and Written Expression (Recognizing the standard of written English; Identifying the correct English sentences)

ü       Reading Comprehension (understanding, analyzing and interpreting the English passage; English vocabulary for colleges and universities)

    • Creating Lesson plan

ü       Pre-activity (warming-up activity)

ü       Main teaching learning activity

ü       Post activity (Closing)

    • Conducting interesting and interactive warming up activities
    • Managing the main teaching learning activities

ü       Explain clearly about the skills and each part

ü       Identifying the instruction and what should the students (test takers) do on each part

ü       Identifying the type of questions on each part

ü       Providing test sample

ü       Explaining tips and strategies for each questions on TOEFL test

    • Evaluating the TL process (test items etc) for Closing

Those above are some points and guidelines for English teachers in providing TOEFl training for students before taking the test. If you are test-takers, maybe it will be helpful for your guidelines of self-studying before taking the TOEF test.

Good Luck everyone.. 🙂



  1. hi my name is mona and i am a very fresh toefl tainer
    realy i need ur help if it is possible
    i do not know from where should i start
    i have no experience in that field
    i need lesson plan for toefl and some kind of helping method
    sorry to disturbe
    thank u again

    • Hi Mona. Am also still trying to find the best method for toefl preparation training. I will share it here. Maybe u can start from what I wrote in the guidelines. More about lesson plan, u can also refer to my previous article on how to plan a lesson. Good luck…!

  2. Hi there all…..!
    pleased to know U n read this…I’m also training TOEFL in my Institution for about a year and 2 years in others. however, I’m still trying the best approach which have to be applied in teaching TOEFL. I hope we can share more…thanks

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