Everyone had ever made mistakes, or at least made  inconveniences to others. For example: you hurt someone’s heart, You broke your friend’s camera, You make noise when others are studying, you come late, etc… What shoud u do when you do those mistakes and inconvenience? Yup! U’re right… You have to say sorry, do apologize.  Sometimes, someone also say sorry to u. As everyone deserves a second chance, then u have to know how to express when you accept the apology.

There are many situations and ways to say sorry and accept apology. As u see in the previous hand outs, usually those situation will be divided into formal, neutral and informal situation. Some refer to Jon Blundell”s book of English Functions. Here are some example of saying sorry or doing apologize:


Neutral situation (usually with friends)

  • (Oh) I’m sorry …/I’m very sorry.
  • I’m so/very/teribbly/awfuly sorry for /about …
  • I’m sorry, it was my fault.
  • Excuse me./Pardon me. (when you think what you do may offend people around you)

Informal Situation

  • Oops! Sorry!
  • Sorry for../about …
  • (Oh,) my fault.
  • How stupid/silly/clumsy of me …
  • I feel bad about …

Formal Situation

  • Please accept my apologies for …
  • That was very hasty/foolish/careless of me, I’m afraid.
  • Please accept m apologies.
  • (Please) forgive me.
  • I’m extremely sorry…
  • I can’t tell you how sorry I am.
  • I (really) do/must apologize. (for …/about …)
  • May I offer you my profoundest/sincerest apologies. (very formal and strong)
  • I (do) beg your pardon. (mostly used fr smaller offences)



Neutral Situation

  • That’s quite all right.
  • Not at all
  • Please don’t be/don’t worry.
  • It (really) doesn’t matter at all.
  • (Please) think nothing of it.
  • (Please) don’t give it another thought.


Informal Situation

  • That’s OK.
  • That’s all right
  • Forget it
  • Not to worry.
  • What for?/Whatever for? (very informal)
  • Please don’t feel bad about it.
  • Let’s forget it. (when you feel rather hurt)

Formal Situation

  • There’s no reason to apologize.
  • That’s perfectly all right.
  • It’s really not necessary.
  • Apologies are really quite unnecessary.
  • It’s really of no importance.

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