Hi dear teachers,

How’s your busiest day recently? Everything is under control or is getting crazy?

Helping students prepare their TOEFL test? have problems in teaching TOEFL preparation? Yup. The common problems are boring and difficult. The students are getting bored of learning the TOEFL items. They also find difficulties in doing the test and understanding the test items. Do u, as a teacher, have solution towards this boring class?

Well, one way to arouse the students’ emotion is playing a game. Using game in language teaching is actually an ordinary activity, but creating the game instruction is the key to have meaningful yet enjoyable activities. Games are also student-centered. It is considered the best way to use a game in teaching language, especially teaching TOEFL materials that are fixed, designed in a similar way, almost no fun.

When to use games in teaching TOEFL Preparation? It can be in the beginning (as a warming up), in the main teaching-learning activities (as a filler) and at the end of the lesson (as a closing or conclusion). One thing to remember is to choose the game related to the topic in the TOEFL materials, so students will not find difficulties in understanding the language. Give a clear instruction or demonstration in implementing the games.

So, what are the games for teaching TOEFL preparation? There are many kinds of games. Related to the section, we can divide into games for Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression (grammar) and Reading Comprehension. Related to Hadfield (1999) there are two classifications of games: Linguistic Games and Communicative Games. Both can be used in teaching TOEFL. The examples of the games are Matching (for vocabulary and grammar), Jeopardy Games, Chain Sentences, Circle Games, Jumbled Sentence/Paragraph, Song Completion, Dialogues, Role Play, etc. We will discuss the game one by one in the next article based on the section. The games may involve pairs, small groups, big groups or the whole class.

One kind of game can have many names. Teachers usually name their games differently although they have the same instructions. Those games need some simple cheap properties. Be prepared for your games both the instruction and properties and be sure that you reach the goal of playing the games.

Do you have an idea of playing games for teaching TOEFL Preparation?? Let’s create out games..!



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