Just last week, I and my students went to some places around Jakarta. We missed our classes because of the national holiday (This is our country, holidays much more than others). So, we thought OUTING CLASS would be kind of fun way.

Hi, friends…all teachers there… Any plan to go for an outing class?? Not only English class, but also other subjects like Science, Math, Humanities, PE, and many more. Outing class is not only about hanging out, but also learning something from the real world. Outing class is not about moving the classroom outside with the same boring activities like lecturing, taking notes and doing the test. Outing class is more than that. Students will get the real class where everything happened.

Dear teachers, are you interested in bringing out the students from the classroom? Believe me it works! More efforts, more challenges, but more results and more fun! Yeap, you are ready I think. Still confused? You do not know what to do with students in outing class? Here I have some tips for creating an interesting proper outing class activities.

  • Decide the objectives of having the outing class
  • Consider the grade of your students: primary, teenagers or adults
  • Choose the venue, where the comfortable place to go learning by doing.
  • Check the curriculum or syllabus of what materials to be covered in the program.
  • Create the activities that are natural, fun, meaningful, and help students explore their talent and interest. Think about the time, and the result, what students do after the outing class.

Here is the example of Outing Class Activities:


  • SUBJECT                    : ENGLISH CONVERSATION
  • DATE/TIME                : 8 Dec 2012/ 8-11.40 am
  • TYPE                          : GROUP WORK
  • GRADE                      : X
  • VENUE                       : MONAS JAKARTA


  • Work in groups. Be cooperative with your team. Everyone should involve in every activities.
  • The report will be in groups. Make sure everyone has the information. Performance can be individually or pairs or groups.
  • Obey/ follow the rules in the place where you visit. Keep good attitude.

While doing the outing class, work on the following activities.

  1.  On the way to Monas (in the bus) or during the class in Monas, get acquaintance with someone new, can be local visitors (domestics) or foreigners, if possible. You may have a small talk and ask the identity. Take a picture with him/her. (Tell stories about memorable meetings with someone new)
  2. How can someone get to the National Monument (MONAS)? He/she starts from the Senen train station. Provide/draw a map to make it easier in giving the direction.  (Giving Direction)
  3. Can you find a tourist information center in the national monument, Monas? If yes, think of at least five questions to ask to the tourist officer in TIC. Be sure you get some documents like map, brochures, rules, etc., if possible. (Getting information in a tourist center)
  4. Can you find any food stall or souvenir shops in Monas? Do a survey, you ask or buy something there. You may use the information, both form the tourist office and from the survey, to give recommendation and advices to other tourist when they want to visit Monas, Jakarta (Giving recommendation to the tourist and Give advices to the visitors)
  5. Observe the Monas and its surrounding. Describe this tourism object to make people visit this place (Monas). Decide what things you are going to talk about. Think of words and expression to use. You may capture some interesting object in Monas to show.  (Describing a place)




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