Pelatihan Bahasa Inggris Untuk Guru Non-Bahasa Inggris

Minggu ini adalah pertemuan ke 16 pelatihan Bahasa Inggris untuk sebagian guru di Yayasan Al Muslim Insan Cendekia Bekasi. Saya tidak mengajar di sekolah tersebut, namun ada kesempatan untuk belajar bersama para guru dalam pelatihan bahasa Inggris. Pelatihan Bahasa Inggris ini ditujukan bagi para guru yayasan baik dari KB-TK-SD-SMP-SMA-SMK dari berbagai rumpun mata pelajara baik IPA, IPS maupun Keagamaan. Tidak seluruh guru berpartisipasi dalam kegiatan pelatihan ini. Angkatan tahun ini ada 40 guru yang dipilih oleh Yayasan mendapat giliran mengikuti pelatihan. Ini pelatihan angkatan ketiga yang kami selenggarakan bekerja sama dengan sekolah tersebut, selain English Proficiency Test semacam TOEFL yang pernah kami laksanakan. Bagaimana serunya pelatihan kali ini? Continue reading


Song becomes universal language for expressing one’s message. When there is no word or sentence to tell one’s feeling, choosing a song can be one of the ways to say something unspoken. This symptom might happen to all people in various ages. So do our students.

Most of students love to listen or sing a song. It gives idea to busy and tired teachers to use songs in teaching English, and could be teachers of other subjects. How to use songs to help students learn English? What kind of songs is suitable? How to create the activities by those songs? Here I tried to share what I’ve done with songs in my class. Continue reading


Just last week, I and my students went to some places around Jakarta. We missed our classes because of the national holiday (This is our country, holidays much more than others). So, we thought OUTING CLASS would be kind of fun way.

Hi, friends…all teachers there… Any plan to go for an outing class?? Not only English class, but also other subjects like Science, Math, Humanities, PE, and many more. Outing class is not only about hanging out, but also learning something from the real world. Outing class is not about moving the classroom outside with the same boring activities like lecturing, taking notes and doing the test. Outing class is more than that. Students will get the real class where everything happened.

Dear teachers, are you interested in bringing out the students from the classroom? Believe me it works! More efforts, more challenges, but more results and more fun! Yeap, you are ready I think. Still confused? You do not know what to do with students in outing class? Continue reading


A Lesson: set of activities that cover a period of classroom time, usually ranging from forty to ninety minutes.


1)    Goal

To identify an overall purpose you will attempt to accomplish by the end of the class period. For example: Understanding telephone conversations

2)    Objectives

State explicitly what you want students to gain from the lesson.

  • Terminal objective: Final learning outcomes that you will need to measure and evaluate. For example: Students will successfully order menus in a restaurant
  • Enabling Objective: steps you build upon each other and lead to the terminal objective.
    • Students will comprehend and produce the new vocabulary items on ordering menu and restaurants
    • Students will read and understand a menu
    • Students will produce appropriate polite forms of ordering Continue reading